Stassis and Trassk part 2/3: No Foolin' ----more---- Therre's an old Umbaran saying: Be true to yourself. If you can't do that, lie through your teeth...View Details

Stassis and Trassk part 1/3: Fool Proof ----more---- Sometimes things just don't work out. Plans go astray. Minds wander. Maybe it's just a matter of ...View Details

Coruscant Nights: Q&A 1

Everyone has questions and we have answers. ----more---- Hey can you believe it! This week we hit a great milestone - 5000 downloads! To celebrate we‚...View Details

Yal Vindo part 2/2: Fortune Favors the Bold   Sometimes luck just deals you a bad hand. But with skill and a little bit of luck, maybe you can turn t...View Details

Yal Vindo part 1/2: An Offer You Can't Refuse   Luck and skill have nothing on fate. As the universe ties knots around you, maybe someone'll offer yo...View Details

Karp and Chloren part 2/2: The Long Con   A hero's journey is not so much a physical path, but an adventure to find the heights and depths within you...View Details

Karp and Chloren part 1/2: Con Man   A call from an old friend brings Karp's dark past back to haunt her. Join us on Patreon! Buy us a Ko-fi!    C...View Details

Jon Shondongas part 3/3: Breakdown Greedy corporations and shady people line the streets of Coruscant. Too big to fail and too powerful to be stopped....View Details

Jon Shondongas part 2/3: Overboard     Sometimes all it takes is a little information to push someone over the edge. And once they're over that edge...View Details

Jon Shondongas part 1/3: Big Trouble in Little Onderon   Coruscant Mornings can be as dangerous as Coruscant Nights. One minute you're having pleasan...View Details

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